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Interested in volunteering? We're interested in you!

You could volunteer anywhere. But you're an animal lover, and "anywhere" isn't good enough. Here, you can have a lot of fun and help save a lot of lives. We're always looking for passionate people like you to volunteer at the Austin Humane Society.

How To

If you have some time and a love for cats and dogs, you’re more than welcome at the AHS. Learn the how, when and what of volunteering with us.

Foster Care

As a foster care volunteer, you’ll be the main source of comfort and care for our animals until they’re ready to be adopted into a permanent home.


Take a look through our Paw-tner Programs for ways that you can make a lasting mark on the animals that call our shelter their temporary home. Once you are ready to get started creating your purr-fect partnership, let us know!


Read through the How-To and still have questions? There’s a good chance we’ve got the answer for you here.