Here come the kittens!

Every year, from spring through late summer, AHS is inundated with teeny, tiny kittens! It’s Kitten Season, and over the next few months we will welcome hundreds of newborn kittens into our shelter. These babies require constant care and support, and they are the most fragile animals we serve. Our shelter staff members and dedicated foster caregivers are working around the clock to make sure these kittens grow big and strong.

Keep reading to follow the epic journey from kitten to cat!

The journey from kitten to cat


At just one week old, the kitten’s eyes aren’t quite open yet and their ears are still folded. These babies require bottle feeding every few hours, and will rely on their human caretakers for everything from keeping warm to going to the bathroom for the next few weeks.

The journey from kitten to cat


At two to three weeks, the kitten’s eyes will open and their first teeth will start to come in. They will discover the litter box and toys as they take their first tottering steps. They are growing fast, and still need bottle feedings every few hours.

The journey from kitten to cat


At four to five weeks, kittens will start weaning onto solid food and the rest of their teeth come in. Their vision will improve and they’ll start walking confidently.This picture shows the difference just a few weeks can make!

The journey from kitten to cat


At six to eight weeks, kittens will start transitioning to their adult eye color. They will be more coordinated and playful. Once they are big enough, they will be spayed and neutered, and ready for adoption!

We need you!

Throughout Kitten Season (April-September), we will be working to raise funds and gather much-needed supplies to enable our team to help these kittens make their journey to adulthood.

Do you want to help us provide the critical support these kittens will need in the coming months? Consider becoming a Kitten Season sponsor! This year, we are offering three sponsorship opportunity levels:

Kitten Companion: $1,500 Sponsor

Sponsor a kennel in our Kitten Nursery and receive updates on the adoptable kittens that call your kennel their temporary home!

Su-purr Momma: $500 Sponsor

Sponsor a momma cat in our care and receive adorable photos and updates to share!

Neonatal Knight: $250 Sponsor

Sponsor the care of a bottle baby and receive adorable photos to share far and wide!

Other Ways to Support

Donate an Item

Visit our Amazon Wish List to see our most urgent needs and have it shipped directly to us!

Attend an Event

There’s always something happening at AHS! Check out all the upcoming Kitten Season events and join the fun.