Austin Humane Society Intake/Owner Surrender Process

The Austin Humane Society can assist you in re-homing your pet, but we would much rather help keep you together, if at all possible. We have made a list of resources to help you find alternatives to surrendering. If you would like to continue with surrendering your animal, keep reading to learn how the process works.

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Surrendering Your Pet

If you would like to surrender your animal to the Austin Humane Society, you must do so by appointment only. Appointment times vary depending on the time of year and our current population of animals. All animals must pass a medical and behavioral evaluation at the time of the appointment prior to being accepted into our adoption program. We do ask for a surrender fee that varies depending on the age and size of your animal(s). These fees help support that animal’s care.


If you’d like to request an appointment, please email us ( and a staff member will be in touch with you about an appointment. Staff will provide you with other options if we are unable to accept your pet.


Adopt-A-Pet is the largest non-profit pet adoption website. With the support of Petco Love, Adopt-A-Pet has created a simple, reliable, free program to help you place your pet from your loving home directly to another. Click here to go through the free and simple process of creating a profile for your pet. By using this unique link, you will be supporting the Austin Humane Society. All adoption fees go directly back to the animals of AHS.

For additional questions, please email us. This is the quickest form of communication. We can also be reached by phone at 512-646-7387 ext. 104, but please allow at least 48 hours for a return call from our staff.

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Found Animals

The Austin Humane Society is unable to accept stray or lost pets. 

If you have encountered a stray animal, please refer to the Austin Animal Center Lost & Found pets page for more information.

The Austin Animal Center schedules intakes by appointment. To schedule an appointment to take-in a found/stray pet, refer to their website.


Austin Animal Center
7201 Levander Loop
Austin, TX 78702

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Lost Pets

If you’ve lost your pet:

  • Visit the Austin Animal Center to search for your lost pet. Animals are held only three days so be sure to visit as quickly as possible and come once per day to look for your missing pet.
  • Visit and join the Austin Lost and Found Pets Facebook page to post photos and information about your pet.
  • Post and search for your lost pet on and Craigslist in the Community section under Lost & Found and Pets.
  • Check surrounding animal shelters where your pet may have been taken. Some well-meaning people may pick up your dog or cat and take it to the closest shelter, which may not be Austin Animal Center!
  •  Text “LostATX” to (844) 764-2125 and you’ll receive texts with proven tips that guide you through the pet-finding process.
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Important to Note

All strays found in Travis County are brought to the Austin Animal Center:

Address: 7201 Levander Loop Bldg. A
Austin, TX 78702
Text: “foundatx” to 47177
Phone: 311