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AHS is open to existing volunteers, but new volunteer orientations are currently on hold. Please stay tuned for updates!

What’s it All About?

Have you heard? The Austin Humane Society has a robust volunteer program with opportunities for cat and dog lovers alike! You can assist with direct animal care, help AHS to end homelessness for pets or simply serve the Central Texas communities through outreach projects. For individuals needing court-ordered community service hours, check out our Community Service Restitution page.

Are you interested in becoming a Foster Care Volunteer? Visit our Foster Care page for information, or submit your information to get in touch with our Foster Care Coordinator!

The Purrfect opportunity for some Doggone Good Volunteers

Around here, every dog (and cat) has his day. A few things (requirements) to consider before joining the pack or pride.

Time: Minimum three-month commitment for two hours each week, that’s just 24 hours!

Talent: Must be 14 years and older. All volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while volunteering (16 & 17 may volunteer independently with parental consent).


Read more about being a Dog Volunteer here.

Read more about being a Cat Volunteer here.

Tradeoff: Meet an amazing team of people who share your love for animals while increasing your animal handling skills & animal behavior knowledge.

Give a Dog a Bone

New volunteer registration is currently closed. You can view the onboarding process so you are ready to join as soon as we reopen!

Forget about fuzzy details, it’s just a simple Texas two-step to join:

  • Take the virtual tour:

  • Register for an Upcoming Welcome Session (please note: registration is currently closed).


Have questions about volunteering? Read our Frequently Asked Questions!