Adoption Fee - $60.00
ID# 55687356
Breed - Domestic Shorthair
Age - 2 yrs old
DOB - 04.09.2022
Sex - Female
Size - 7 pounds

About Me

Hello, I'm Lizzie. My cat friends here say I'm mellow and friendly. I love to socialize, especially around mealtimes. Food somehow tastes better when shared, don't you agree? I enjoy a good nap and a gentle pat, and I've been told I have a calming presence. I'm just a simple cat, seeking a loving home where I can share my gentle spirit. I promise to bring a sense of calm and companionship to your life. Adopt me, and let's create our own heartwarming story.

I'm not at the shelter, but you can see me at the PetCo at Hancock Shopping Center, 1000 E. 41st Street #820, Austin, TX 78751. I'll be looking for you! -- Lizzie

Frequently asked questions

How do I adopt a pet?

To begin the adoption process, you can visit your future pet by dropping by the shelter during our listed business hours. Come prepared by bringing a completed adoption questionnaire. Learn more and access our questionnaire on our Process & Fees page.

How do I sponsor a pet?

To Sponsor a Pet, you can click on the “Sponsor Me” button in the animal’s profile, or visit our Sponsor a Pet page for all the info!

Do I need to make an appointment to visit?

Appointments are not required or offered. Adoptions are completed in person on a first-come, first-served basis. If you would like to start the adoption process, please stop by the shelter during business hours. We cannot make guarantees on the availability of specific animals in advance.

How do I prepare for my pet?

Check out our Preparing to Adopt page to help get ready for your new furry friend