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Yum’s the Word

It is clear that each one of our cats, dogs, puppies and kittens are happy, and it all comes down to what’s for dinner! The Austin Humane Society is proud to partner with Heritage Ranch by H-E-B. All of our animals are eating Heritage Ranch by H-E-B, and they are truly enjoying their top-notch dinner!

You can Double the Impact!

Through this partnership, H-E-B donates 100% of the food we use to feed the homeless pets at the Austin Humane Society, and the staff, volunteers, and animals couldn’t be more grateful. Our partnership with Heritage Ranch by H-E-B goes above and beyond just feeding our pets: H-E-B also generously donates 1% of all sales of Heritage Ranch dog and cat food in Central Texas H-E-B stores right back to AHS. This means that when you shop Heritage Ranch by H-E-B for your owned pets, you’re giving back to those still looking for a home.

Since its inception, AHS has received more than $350,000 from this amazing partnership! AHS is also accepting donations of Heritage Ranch dog or cat food, so you double the impact when you purchase bags of food to donate to AHS. It’s a win-win for AHS and animal lovers everywhere!

Heritage Ranch is a protein-based food with no artificial colors or flavors, corn, soy, or wheat, and it’s produced locally in the United States. This high quality product provides the proper nourishment to each and every animal that comes through our doors, ensuring that they are in tip top shape during their search for a forever home. Shop Heritage Ranch today at your local H-E-B and give your pet the purrfect meal they deserve! Visit ranch for more information!