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Although we can’t be together in person and with the animals right now, there are many ways you can show your love and support for our shelter pets. If you are looking for ways to volunteer for Austin Humane Society from the safety and comfort of your own home, we have some fun ideas for you!

Crafts and DIY items to make

Our animals need to feel love and comfort, and what better way to provide that than by making them a soft and snuggly pet bed? We have an easy, no-sew fleece blanket tutorial that requires minimal supplies.

Pet Bed
(pillow is optional; a flat bed also makes a great blanket)

Your finished bed will look similar to this!


Our shelter pets also like to have some fun! Play is a very important part of every cat and dog’s day. Here are some great toys you can make for our furry friends.

DIY T-shirt Dog Toy

DIY Cat Wand Toy


Paracord Dog Leash

Are you interested in a longer-term project, one that requires just a bit more skill? Check out this fun DIY braided dog leash tutorial! This is best for older children, ages 10-14, or with adult supervision if younger. Follow our video tutorial on YouTube!

SUPPLY LIST (colors are optional)
1. Paracord ‘Acid Purple’:
2. Paracord ‘Silver’:
3. Snap hooks:
4. Scissors
5. Optional: stick or regular lighter to melt the ends of the cord
6. For a 6-foot leash you will need 2 cords measuring 39 feet each


  • Measure out paracord to specified lengths: two 39 foot strands
  • Tape your snap hook to a sturdy surface, like a wall or table
  • Loop your cord through the snap hook until both ends are even
  • Secure the first cord onto the snap hook as shown in the video, repeat for your second cord

  • Begin looping and knotting the cords as shown and pull tightly to secure each knot (watch video closely)


  • Repeat the looping and knotting until you are near the end of the cords; taping the leash itself to your surface will make it easier to manage
  • When you’re ready to make the handle, make a loop with the end of the leash and use the remaining untied cord to tie secure knots around the end

  • Trim off the loose ends with scissors
  • OPTIONAL, adult supervision required: use a stick lighter to melt the ends and make them smoother


Your leash will look similar to this!

Feeling creative and have your own idea? We know that many of our Humane Heroes like to make special items to sell and donate the funds raised to AHS. If you’d like to hold your own fundraiser, some ideas include selling homemade dog treats, leashes, collars, or bandanas. With your imagination, the possibilities are endless!

Donation Drives
Another wonderful way to support our animals is by holding a donation drive! You can collect items from our Wish List to donate to the shelter. These items can be purchased locally, like at H-E-B, or from our Amazon Wish List

Pet Pals and Foster Friends
Some animals at our shelter need a little more attention and time in order to find their forever homes. Pet Pals go above and beyond to help make that happen! Pals can sponsor an animal’s full care at our shelter for $250, or medical care only for $100. In return, we can offer a virtual tour and one-on-one time with your pet pal. Check out all the info here!

Foster Friends are 6th – 12th graders who volunteer – with their guardian’s permission – to provide temporary housing and care for animals who aren’t ready to be adopted. We need loving homes like yours to continue helping animals in need of a little extra time and care. To sign up to be a Foster Friend, have your parent or guardian fill out this form with your information and we’ll be in touch!

Scout Troops
We love our Boy and Girl Scout troops here at AHS! If your group would like to get involved in making items for our pets or a holding a donation drive, we can provide a virtual tour with animal introductions. Please email us at for more information!

Celebrate your birthday with AHS!

We know that our Humane Heroes are ready for some fun so don’t forget that you can have a virtual birthday party with Austin Humane Society! We will provide the most fun, animal-filled virtual party you can imagine. You’ll sponsor the animal of your choice and receive a personalized greeting from your Birthday Buddy pet! Your party also includes a live virtual shelter tour with animal introductions, a moment of celebration to sing and cut cake, an activity or craft of your choice, a goodie bag for the birthday boy or girl, and more! We hope you’ll join us for your very “paw-some” and special day. Click here for more information.

Hero Highlights

Highlights will spotlight different facts about animals, share stories from the shelter and come with a surprise activity. Sign up for our new bi-monthly e-newsletter here or download our printable version here.